Bruce B. Cleeremans M.D.
Bruce B. Cleeremans M.D.
Best Doctors 2001-2014

Bruce B Cleeremans, MD and NervePro provide comprehensive and up-to-date adult neurology medical services and diagnostic testing in our office located in the Irvine Spectrum adjacent to the I-5 and 405 freeways, and highway 133. It is 2 blocks from Hoag Hospital Irvine and Hoag Orthopedic Institute. Dr Cleeremans is on staff at these hospitals and a participant in the highly regarded Hoag Neurosciences Program. World class imaging centers are located nearby for MRI, CT and ultrasound studies.

Dr. Cleeremans is board certified in adult Neurology as well as in Electromyography and Electrodiagnostic medicine. He has been chosen as one of the best doctors in America annually since 2001 by Best Dr. Cleeremans and NerveProís EMG facility is accredited by the AANEM. This is only one of two southern California EMG facilities to be so accredited and one of only 30 in the country. This accreditation is very difficult to achieve and signifies that the studies performed are of the highest technical and ethical standards. Vigorous annual continuing education requirements in EMG and nerve conduction studies are part of the requirements of those performing accredited electrodiagnostic studies.

We at NervePro work closely with your referring physicians, so all caregivers are kept in the loop on your care. Results can be accessed on line in a secure password protected Portal system.

All adult neurology conditions are treated. This practice makes every effort to keep the personal touch. Each visit will be with the doctor, not an aide, and no Concierge fees are needed. This level of care is very difficult to achieve and we make every effort to make your visits meaningful and informative. Many neurological conditions such as Alzheimerís disease and Parkinsonsís disease can be delayed or prevented with lifestyle adjustments. We emphasize these wellness steps which are often more effective than medications.

One can choose their method of contact with our office, by phone, fax, e-mail, or voice messaging. Voice messages are checked hourly, and e-mails twice daily. This helps those who can only call during lunch break or after hours when we are also away from the phone.


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Clinical trials can be an exciting way to address a medical problem. Participation allows patients to receive medication that might otherwise not be available through any means, and the office visits and any blood tests or other diagnostic procedures associated with study are provided free of charge. In some cases there may also be a patient stipend for the time it takes out of your schedule and for transportation assistance. The research at NervePro consists of Phase III studies. This type of study involves medications or devices that have already been shown to be safe in preliminary Phase I and II studies and to have some degree of effectiveness in Phase II studies. Phase III studies test the medication on a larger number of participants with the expectation that the next step would be approval by the FDA if safety and efficacy are established.

Unlike many clinical trial centers, NervePro is an active neurology practice, and patients are under no pressure to participate in research if they chose not to. Those patients that have been involved in trials are allowed to stay in the practice as regular patients once their participation is completed if Dr. Cleeremans is a provider on their insurance plan.

The research division of NervePro Medical Corporation has successfully performed studies in Headache, Painful neuropathy, Seizures, Alzheimer's and multi-infarct dementias, myofascial pain, fibromyalgia, low back pain, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, TIAs, and strokes.

Dr. Cleeremans is the Principal Investigator, and is assisted by experienced research coordinator, Ana Martinez Clinical Coordinator. The direct line to inquire about clinical trials is (949) 753-1570. Feel free to e-mail at


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